Electronic document

Electronic document

Integrated management of various document formats into one PDF

Tstation PDF(Portable Document Format)

Solution that converts a variety of documents into standard PDF documents

PDF electronic documents can easily be opened by anyone who does not have Excel, Han Com Office software such as tax invoices, design drawings, contracts, and so on. It is a long-term electronic document retention document defined by the International Organization for Standardization.

Tstation is a solution for building on "server" and converting files by connecting to the Internet or corporate network.
Tstation converts documents of various formats such as MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.), Hanko office, CAD, etc. into standard PDF format
The PDF created with Tstation provides a security function (AES 128/256 encryption algorithm) that restricts browsing using a password.
Tstation can integrate multiple documents into one PDF or conversely only one of the PDF documents can be separated.
Tstation has a watermark function, it can display copyright protection by showing that it is a document of a specific company or institution
Tstation's PDF documents support both PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile devices (Android, iOS).
Tstation supports the international PDF standard ISO 32000-1 and supports high performance multithreading capable of simultaneously converting up to 256 documents
Just by inserting the document into the Tstation's " Upload " folder, it is automatically converted to PDF and output to the " Download " folder so it is easy and convenient to use.

다양한 정보를 포함한 하나의 표준 PDF로 변환

Depending on the construction method, Tstation is divided into two types, "Server" type and "Client" type.
The functions of both types are all the same, only the difference is whether the media that converts to PDF is on the server or on the computer itself

Construction type of Tstation "Server"
: Upload documents to server - Convert documents from server to PDF and save - Download PDF file from server
Construction type of Tstation "Client"
: Convert documents from client (My Computer) to PDF > Send the converted PDF file to the server and save it > Download PDF file from server

Centerbridge PDF 전용 전자문서 보안 솔루션

It is a DRM(Digital Rights Management) solution that restricts opening of PDF documents through various security settings.

Centerbridge is a PDF-only security solution that gives various settings to restrict browsing to PDF files.
It is suitable for PDF electronic documents for preventing leakage of confidential documents, business planning documents, contracts, personal information, etc.
In order to apply Centerbridge security settings, it is necessary that any security solution is not applied to the PDF file
It is applicable to all PDF formats and It is even better if you use it in conjunction with the Tstation solution that converts various electronic documents (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) into PDF.
Electronic documents to which Centerbridge is applied can only be opened to Centerbridge Reader, which is a tool dedicated to Centerbridge.

Centerbridge major security function

Limit of period
: Restrict documents to open only for a certain period
Limited number of times
: Restrict the number of times a document can be opened and viewed
Limit of printing
: Limit the number of times to print a document
Limit of IP address
: Access control only for authorized IP
Mac address restrictions
: Access only for authorized Mac addresses
limit user rights
: Restrict access to documents by classifying operators or users
PDF로 변환된 최종 파일


Smart electronic document service that improves security and reduces costs.

It is an electronic document solution that sends messages to customers for electronic documents of various purposes.
Mstation Service can save about 30% in cost compared to SMS, and can save about 70% of LMS and regular mail.
Mstation analyzes whether a message transmission has failed, and if it fails, it sends a message in three ways to quickly deliver the necessary information to the customer.
Smart Link is a service that can display detailed breakdown. It provides various information and notifications as a mobile web service.
Smart DM can deliver PDF files in the same format as regular nd can inquire and print the files.

Messaging System