Metaverse Meets Tilon


One Source, Multi-Use Metaverse Platform

We provide full browsing of the real world such as administration/medical/finance/
defense/education/media within the metaverse.
CenterVerse provides a secure work environment and delivers real-world software in
one-source, multi-use format without modification, allowing users to experience all
the digital lives and tasks in the real world on a metaverse. Experience hyperwork
with CenterVerse now.

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Features of CenterVerse

CenterVerse is a metaverse platform that implements virtual offices.

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    Provides an XR environment, such as VR,
    PC, and mobile, with no device and
    space constraints

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    Metaverse office work is possible by
    using Dstation + CenterFace

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    Provides realism with
    intuitive and clean UI/UX

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    Provides a sense of reality through
    the 3D World view.

DaaS x Metaverse

Advantages of virtualization service for realizing realistic metaverse office environment

Realize the metaverse world identical to the real world

1. Existing software already applied to all industries can be used by porting it to the
2. Real-world tasks such as administration, finance, defense, education, and
diplomacy can be handled continuously even within the metaverse
3. Enables digital nomad environments beyond the constraints of time and space
4. Easily embellished virtual office utilization enables efficient work and collaboration
5. Even in pandemic situations such as COVID-19, continuous work is possible
regardless of location and environment, and new desktops are provided quickly in
the event of failure, disaster, or catastrophe to ensure business continuity

Reduce social and environmental costs

1. Enabling carbon neutrality through work mobility by overcoming time and
space constraints, allowing access to the desired information anytime, anywhere
(275,000 g of carbon emissions suppressed when using DaaS)

2. Contributing to the dissemination and spread of the Korean version of the
Digital New Deal administrative innovation model, by early implementation of a
high-speed, ultra-low latency
5G mobile cloud work environment linking 5G
specialized networks (public networks) with Metaverse and DaaS