About Us

No works are too trivial
to sweat for
and no dreams are too
big to achieve.

About Us

Since established in 2001, Tilon has developed a virtualization solution based on its proprietary terminal protocol, leading the VDI/DaaS market.

Tilon is providing cloud-based virtualization solutions and appliances products including patented technology to various customers such as government, finance, medical, education, manufacturing, and defense. Leveraging the Company's main business areas in cloud smart workspace and digital asset management, the Company has expanded its business portfolio to include the advanced smart messaging DM system and the electronic document distribution system by converging the block chain-based electronic document processing technology with the virtualization solution.

Not only to strengthen the core technology competitiveness but also to preemptively respond to the needs of the converged service, Tilon has renewed the strategic partnership with telecommunication carriers, cloud hosting and MSP service providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), infrastructure vendors, etc. and has continued to develop creative business models to maintain the business continuity.

Our Philosophy

Reflecting the physical property of a diamond cube, we uphold 'operation solution development, and customer service' as a trinity.

4 Mindset Tilon-ers must have at work
Provide only the solutions that are 'practical and valuable gifts' to all customers.
Make products that people all over the world can use.
Rebel against fear of change, and negative and stationary minds.
Be the forerunner with right vision and cutting-edge technology.

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