Cloud Solution

Tilon's virtual cloud solution is separated into desktop and application

Cloud Solution

Another World

Virtual desktop is a personal computer accessed through Internet

Tilon's virtual cloud solution lets you access your window at any where, any time, and from any device.

  • Network Isolation Technology

    With Tilon's network isolation technology, you will be using 2 PCs - the physical one with no network and the virtual one with the network.

    Therefore, all data stored on the PC with no Internet is protected from hacking, virus, spyware, and all other attacks and secured safely

  • File-Leakage Prevention

    All data on the Tilon's virtual cloud is managed centrally to block arbitrary file-leakage through USB or Internet.

    The most frequent cause of the file-leakage is from an insider. Tilon's management program logs all ins and outs of data and checks real-time to prevent such leakage

  • Device Flexibility

    Tilon's virtual cloud solution is compatible with PC, tablets, and smartphones as well as Android, iOS, and Linux.

    You don't need additional equipments to construct the virtual cloud environment, thereby creating mobile and smart work environment.

  • From Counseling to Construction

    Korea's developer Tilon supports customized service to suit your company's environment with professional skills and experiences since 2001.

    We will help you from purchasing the right service to installing storage, server, and other necessities to assure you the security and offer optimized blue print to cut the transaction cost.

Dstation Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution


Another computer inside my computer!

Dstation is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution in which Dstation manager can easily create and distribute virtual desktops to multiple users who can access them through Internet. It is Korea's first CC certified product in server based virtualization field.
One of the best part about Dstation is how free you can be. From home, work, or at any distant place, you can sill access Dstation and continue your work. Not only this, but also apply our product for security through network isolation and smart work aspects.
With "Network Isolation via Virtualization'' technology, disconnected Internet on your physical computer prevents hacking, viruses, and likewise risks to secure you files at source. Meanwhile, your virtual PC is used for using Internet and share foreign files.
Contrarily, you can have your physical computer to be connected to Internet while having your virtual computer be disconnected with 'Network Isolation via Virtualization'.
Even if you lose or break your computer or mobile devices, your data and works done in the virtual desktop are all saved in the server Dstation is built on.
Dstation supports ITU-T DaaS international standard.

Virtual Environment Total Management Solution

Total management solution that integrated professional VDI solution maker's knowhow

CenterPost is a web service portal to comprehensively manage, operate, and monitor virtual desktops, network, and servers.
Users no longer need to seek PC managers. Instead, access CenterPost and request your needs from additional storage space or application to boost your business pace.

Managers, too, no longer need to find user PCs to install softwares or exchange the PCs. With CenterPost, they can approve users' requests and manage storage spaces with a few clicks. Managers can effectively monitor virtual environment, and manage policy, employees, and settings through the simple UI.

Together with Dstation, Tilon's VDI solution, you can enjoy the best complementary effect


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure based on Linux


Cloud PC used in an open source environment

Lsation is an open source hypervisor based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution that includes all Dstation's feature and supports various open source hypervisors such as KVM and Xen.

Through Windows based Dstation and open source based Lstation, we support various hypervisors to provide the most optimized solution for large-scale VDI build and small business's market demand


Note on Mobile App

Tilon's Dstation and Astation is managed with combined solution Linker, and divided into for client
and for-mobile.
Linker app for Android and iOS are availabe at the app store linked below.
Linker is designed for business building VDI For personal users, please use our 'Cloud My Desk' service

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