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PDF based Electronic Document Solution

PDF based Paperless Process Reveloution (PPR) Solution for Electronic Contracts

Fstation is a PDF based electronic forms that financial firms, government offices, and other organizations actually use.
This offers Green IT environment as numerous documents are processed electronically and videos and images are put together on one electronic document.
Fstation supports paper documents, MS Office, Google Doc, and etc. and capable to convert them as PDF files.
Fstation supports OutDoor Service (ODS) that allows you to perform any action related to contracts from signing, confirming identification to and notifying contract terms from your mobile devices.
Fstation includes user's voice recordings, videos, images, and electronic signatures all on one standard PDF files to reinforce legal validity through non-repudiatory method.
Fstation is also used for financial deals as it secures the document with 256bit encryption and certification process to prove the authenticity.

기본 PDF 양식에 이미지, 녹음, 서명 등 다양한 정보가 포함된 전자 문서화

Online Authentication Total Management Solution

Centerface is an online authentication solution that supports self-identification when face-to-face identification is not possible.

Centerface is used as a certified platform in financial firms, real estate, and other service organizations as it holds legal validity with authentication process secured as standard electronic documents.
Centerface's online authentication is self-identification technology for financial services and consists of mobile certification, ID scan, and video calls that hold legal validity.
Centerface attaches additional informations such as images, voice recordings, and videos to strengthen mobile financial business security, and monitors authenticity with timestamps for self-identification.
Also, it enhances security by linking previous signatures and saved identity information.
Centerface saves human resources as it allows various services such as loan, insurance, and counseling from mobile devices and create new services through this platform Centerface is free from the risk of losing of leaking important documents as it securely saves various information as PDF files.

비대면 인증을 활용한 국내  은행 모바일 계좌 신청 사례
How does this online authentication holds legal validity?
- Financial Services Commission permits online identification for banks ('15.5.18)
- Task force from Korea Federation of Banks confirmed the online identification method ('15.10.5)
Identification Methods
- ID Check (Mobile, Image)
- Video Call
- Check through a delivery man Other additional identification methods(personal information, NPKI, iPIN, etc.)
- Checking existing account information


It is a security solution that confirms that the electronic document is authenticity.

It is used for confirming authenticity in various fields such as contracts, diplomas and certificates..
CenterChain distinguishes "unidentified, falsification, authentication" through electronic seal.
CenterChain uses block-chain technology to distribute information to the node server to prove that the electronic document is authentication.
CenterChainReader is a dedicated program of CenterChain. Only through that program can you distinguish between "Falsification" and "Authentication".
CenterChainReader distinguishes authenticity by comparing it with several pieces of information stored in the node server.
CenterChain's electronic documents can also be used as regular pdf programs, but authenticity is 'unidentified'.